Sunday, January 1, 2012

Painting Progressions

The creation of a painting is not a singular process.  Some artists like to begin with an oil sketch, some with a pencil sketch, and some with no sketch at all.  In a recent exhibit in Lafayette, Indiana several artists showed the progression of their works with photos of the process.  Here are three of my paintings that were among those exhibited:  The inception is obvious except for painting #2, "Gazebo."  In beginning that painting, a wash of mineral spirits and oil paint was applied to the canvas and then wiped away while it was still wet.  The wipeout technique helps the artist designate areas of the painting, and it also allows some of the white canvas to show through from the beginning.  The other two paintings, "Trees" and "Left Turn" are fairly self-explanatory in terms of how the painting was conceived and executed. Double click on the slide show above this post if you want a larger view. Then use the arrows R/L to scroll through the photos of the progression.